Avoiding Heat Related Illness

Once again, we find ourselves right in the middle of summer. Our jackets, scarves, sweaters and hot chocolate are replaced with pools, beaches, fans and ice cream. This is a fun time of year where warmer weather brings an abundance of outdoor activities. (more…)

New California POLST Form

A new version of the California Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form goes into effect on October 1, 2014.  There are a number of changes to the form, including reordering of sections, renaming of some items, and the addition of treatment goals. (more…)

Preventing Falls

Residents in assisted living will fall; this is a reality of the population we care for.  As a care provider it is critically important that you educate your staff in proper fall response procedures, including seeking medical attention and notifying families/responsible parties when a fall occurs.  It is also important to set clear expectations with residents and their loved ones that you cannot prevent all falls.  Some falls will occur, despite your best efforts. (more…)

To Serve those Who Serve Others

July 8, 2014
Dear Blog Reader:

At Care and Compliance Group, we believe in straightforward, factual communications with our customers. For more than three decades, we have served those who serve others by helping Assisted Living providers across the country (from individual owners to large corporate providers) in meeting their staff reminder of compliance needs. Whether it is a simple email from our staff or a reminder of our comprehensive training, our goal is to provide you with clear communication. That is why we are writing today. (more…)

Celebrate National Assisted Living Week This September!

September 7-13, 2014 marks National Assisted Living Week this year! The National Center for Assisted Living coordinates this celebration every year and has extensive resources to assist in your celebration on their website [LINK: http://www.ahcancal.org/ncal/events/Pages/NationalAssistedLivingWeek.aspx/] Take advantage of this week to engage your residents, staff, family members, and external stakeholders in a celebration of all the amazing things you do for your residents year round. (more…)

New Minimum Wage Starts Today

Effective July 1, 2014, the minimum wage in California goes up to $9.00 per hour.  Learn more about the new minimum wage and find answers to frequently asked questions here at the CA Department of Industrial Relations website.

Calling 9-1-1

If I say the word “emergency”, probably one of the first thoughts in your mind is “9-1-1”. Since we were young, we were taught the universal phone number to call in case of an emergency. When I was 5 years old, it was simple: witness an emergency – call 9-1-1. (more…)

Norovirus Outbreak Prevention

Noroviruses can cause outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness in assisted living and residential care communities through food borne transmission, contact with an infected person and contact with infected surfaces. In severe cases, the resulting diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration can be life threatening. (more…)

Identifying Pressure Ulcers

Skin breakdown, particularly pressure ulcers, are a concern for any assisted living resident.  As a caregiver it is important to monitor the skin of the residents you care for, particularly those who are at greater risk of skin breakdown.  Such as residents with diabetes, circulatory problems, incontinence, and/or limited mobility. (more…)

The 2014 Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is a skyrocketing epidemic. Every 67 seconds someone develops Alzheimer’s and the numbers are growing rapidly as Baby Boomers age. Join the Alzheimer’s Association in the fight against Alzheimer’s and sign up for a Walk to End Alzheimer’s® in your area. This is a fun and easy way to get involved with the Alzheimer’s Association while raising awareness and critical funds to support families and advance research for a cure! Learn more and sign up for a team at www.alz.org. (more…)