Assisting with PRN Medications

This week’s Tuesday Tip is in response to a question posted on our blog. Is it necessary to contact the physician before each dose when assisting a resident with PRN morphine?

Medication Error Reporting Policies

In several recent Tuesday Tips we have been focusing on the issue of medication errors. First looking at how to define a medication error, and last week examining how to respond to medication error. This prompted a response from some Tuesday Tip subscribers emphasizing the need for clear reporting policies within individual assisted living and […]

Responding to Medication Errors

In our last Tuesday Tip we discussed the importance of defining medication errors so that they can be monitored for, reported on, and responded to appropriately. In this week’s Tip we turn our attention to the appropriate actions to take when a medication error occurs:

Administration of Medications to Residents on Hospice

This is one of the most common questions we receive from California RCFE Tuesday Tip subscribers: “Can a family or unpaid friend of a hospice client actually pour (draw up in a syringe), hospice drugs such as liquid morphine if they are trained by hospice?”

What is a Medication Error?

Over 80% of assisted living residents require assistance with medications, and research suggests that error rates could be as high as 35%. This stresses the importance of monitoring medication errors in your own community.

Oral Syringes

Community Care Licensing provided several important policy updates and clarifications during last week’s CALA Spring Conference, including one regarding the use of oral syringes.  For some time there has been a lack of consistent interpretation from LPAs in the field regarding whether or not trained unlicensed staff members may use an oral syringe to draw […]

Medications from Across the Border

As residents and their families look for ways to cut back on health care costs, assisted living and residential care providers are increasingly faced with the challenge of handling medications purchased in Canada and Mexico.  The two most common questions providers ask about these drugs include: 1) Are they safe?  2) Are they legal?

The “Brown Bag” Medication Review

Assisted living and residential care residents often move into a community directly from their home.  While living at home many of our residents managed their own medications or received minimal assistance from a family member.  Over the years the volume of medications in their possession can quickly build up as residents saw multiple physicians, purchased […]

Albuterol Unit Dose Vials

We do not normally address medication recalls in our Tuesday Tips, but because Albuterol is commonly used by assisted living and residential care residents we felt it was appropriate to bring this to everyone’s attention.

Assisting with PRN Medication

This week a Tuesday Tip subscriber asked us for clarification on assisting residents with PRN medications.  This is a common area of confusion for providers and caregivers.  Fortunately this is addressed in RCFE Regulation 87465, which clarifies that the amount of assistance that can be provided and when the physician must be called is based […]