Notification of Rate Changes in an RCFE

How much notice must be given prior to increasing rates charged to residents in an RCFE? Residents must given at least 60 days prior written notice before in increases in rate structures.  This answer comes from California Health and Safety Code Section 1569.655:

Morphine Administration in an RCFE

This week’s Tuesday Tip is in response to one of the most common questions we are asked: What are the regulations/best practice in an RCFE for the administration of morphine to residents who are able to assist and to those who are not able to assist (ex. bedridden hospice resident)?

Who Can Consent for Residents Diagnosed with Dementia in an RCFE?

Knowing who is legally authorized to make decisions for a resident diagnosed with dementia can be confusing. Assisted living and residential care providers may find themselves trying to understand a resident’s wishes, while balancing requests from family members or responsible parties.

Catheters in an RCFE

Residents who require the use of an indwelling catheter can be admitted to and retained in a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly. According to regulation 87612, catheter care is a “restricted condition” which basically means the condition can be cared for if additional requirements are met. The additional requirements for catheter care are explained […]

Bed Rails in an RCFE

This week’s tip is our favorite type of tip to share; it is in response to a question received from a Tuesday Tip subscriber: “We have a small dementia care community. Can we have half rail beds in this setting or do they have to have quarter rail?” 

Medication Assistance for Residents with Dementia

This week’s Tuesday Tip comes in response to a question posted on our blog. “Is a resident with dementia allowed to be retained in an RCFE when she requires her medications to be “fed” to her?”

Charging for Telephone Services in an RCFE

A Tuesday Tip subscriber recently emailed us to ask if he/she can charge residents in an RCFE for the cost of long distance phone calls. California RCFE regulations clearly allow for reimbursement for long distance calls from private pay residents, however it is important that this is clearly stated in the admission/residency agreement. Here are […]

Can I Retain a Resident with MRSA?

The incidence of infections from drug-resistant organisms continues to be major problem in the United States. Assisted living and residential care providers are increasingly faced with a resident who is infected or colonized with these organisms, such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resitant enterococci (VRE). One of the most important questions for providers is […]

Promote Your RCFE Online

This week’s Tuesday Tip is a reminder to take advantage of the free RCFE Facility Questionnaire at to help promote your RCFE online. 

First Aid Training Requirements

California RCFE regulation 87411 requires that “staff providing care” receive appropriate first aid training. A common question is whether nurses who are employed by and RCFE must receive first aid training. This issue is addressed in the RCFE Evaluator Manual, which states: