Take Care of Your Staff

With the holiday season in full swing, you have certainly spent lots of time preparing many special events and treats for your residents; but don’t forget about your staff. This is an important time of year for them as well, and it is likely many of them will spend at least part of their holiday in your community, caring for your residents.

Although this year’s rough economy might make it difficult to provide a financial reward for your staff, you can still provide a meaningful and rewarding recognition of their hard work and dedication. Here are a few quick ideas:

1. Gift cards for local services, such as car washes, oil change services, or house cleaning.These are great, inexpensive gift ideas for the busy holiday employee.

2. Get everyone involved by coordinating a “white elephant” gift exchange. Make it affordable for everyone by limiting the gift amount to $5, or by requiring everyone to make their gift.

3. Are you working in a larger community? Surprise your staff by having your department heads/managers do their work for a day.

4. A staff holiday party or potluck is also a great way to bring everyone together to celebrate the season.

We hope these ideas will help you think of a creative way to honor your staff for their service to your residents.

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