A “New Direction” for Inspections in California

The California Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) has proposed to increase the frequency of inspections in RCFEs and ARFs (as well as other facility types). Due to budget constraints, CCLD currently conducts compliance inspections of all facilities at least once every five years. Under the new proposal inspections would occur annually under a less time-consuming and resource-intensive “key indicators” model that would focus on areas likely to impact health and safety.

Other proposed changes include eliminating both post-licensing inspections of newly licensed ARFs and RCFEs, as well as pre-licensing inspections of existing facilities going through administrative changes that do not impact the program, staffing, or residents (e.g., change in corporate status).

If approved by the Legislature and Governor the new inspection protocols will go in effect January 2011.

There are many more details to this proposal; see the links below for more information.

Click here to learn more about the CCLD proposal and the key indicators

Click here to view the full CCLD proposal in the Spring Finance Letter

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