How Many Facilities Per Administrator

A Tuesday Tip subscriber recently emailed us to ask how many RCFEs an Administrator can be responsible for:

“Hello.  How many care homes can your administration certificate be affiliated with and when you are hired on as a new administrator should the administrator or licensee inform the county?”

This is a great question.  An Administrator can have responsibility for more than one facility, but there are some restrictions that will typically be handled on a case-by-case basis with CCL.

RCFE Regulation 87405, which outlines the qualifications and duties for Administrators, states: “The administrator shall have sufficient freedom from other responsibilities and shall be on the premises a sufficient number of hours to permit adequate attention to the management and administration of the facility as specified in this section.”

The CCL RCFE Evaluator Manual goes on to clarify that “there are no guidelines for the number of hours the administrator/licensee is required to spend in the facility” and that “the licensing agency is responsible for evaluating each situation and making case-by-case determinations…”

Health and Safety Code Section 1569.618 clarifies that if an Administrator is not in the building during normal working hours, a “facility manager” must be designated.  It furthers states that if the Administrator is also the facility manager, they would be limited to managing only one facility.

Licensing will typically allow an Administrator to be responsible for up to two facilities, but again this will be based on a number of factors, including the size and location of the facilities, the availability of a qualified “facility manager,” the needs of the residents, and other factors.  If you would like to be responsible for multiple facilities, you should discuss this with the LPA assigned to the facilities in advance.

To answer the second part of the question, yes a Licensee must notify CCL when an Administrator is designated.  From LIC 308 can be used for this purpose.

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