How Long is a Criminal Clearance Good For?

This question comes up frequently: “How long does my criminal clearance last? Do I have to renew it?”  Here is the answer from CCL:

“When an individual receives a criminal record clearance, he/she may work, reside or volunteer in a licensed facility. The clearance will remain active as long as the individual is associated to a licensed facility. If an individual is disassociated from a facility, he/she must be associated to another facility (or the same facility if they are rehired) within 2 years or he/she will become inactive. If an individual becomes inactive, he/she must be printed and cleared again before working, residing or volunteering in a licensed facility.”

You can learn more about the criminal clearance process at

4 Responses to “How Long is a Criminal Clearance Good For?”

  1. Thank you for this important tip…Could you also clarify requirements for Physicals & TB testing… Does a physical & TB test have to be done for each new hire if they have previously had these done?

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Mary:
    Read Title 22, Division 6, Section 87411 (f):
    All personnel, including the licensee and administrator, shall be in good health, and physically and
    mentally capable of performing assigned tasks. Good physical health shall be verified by a health
    screening, including a chest x-ray or an intradermal test, performed by a physician not more than
    six (6) months prior to or seven (7) days after employment or licensure. A report shall be made of
    each screening, signed by the examining physician. The report shall indicate whether the person is
    physically qualified to perform the duties to be assigned, and whether he/she has any health
    condition that would create a hazard to him/herself, other staff members or residents. A signed
    statement shall be obtained from each volunteer affirming that he/she is in good health
    Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you for jumping in with that response Kim. It is great to have a former LPA participating in our blog!

  4. Great information about the clearance and the physical. what i want to know is do i have to have a copy of the paper work (clearance and physical) in order to run a home daycare.. i have them done already i just misplaced the actual papers.

    if the clearance does have to be done again do i have to repay or can request a copy of the one i lost?

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