How Long Does a Criminal Clearance Remain Active?

This week’s Tuesday Tip is in response to a question from one of our subscribers:

How long does the criminal clearance of an employee in an RCFE remain active? When does it have to be redone? 

Community Care Licensing provides the answer to this question on their website.

When an individual receives a criminal record clearance, he/she may work, reside or volunteer in a licensed facility. The clearance will remain active as long as the individual is associated to a licensed facility. If an individual is disassociated from a facility, he/she must be associated to another facility (or the same facility if they are rehired) within 2 years or he/she will become inactive. If an individual becomes inactive, he/she must be printed and cleared again before working, residing or volunteering in a licensed facility.

5 Responses to “How Long Does a Criminal Clearance Remain Active?”

  1. I didn’t know a criminal could recieve a record clearance. Thought it was there forever.

  2. Hello CJ. Yes, as described in the blog post, in California a criminal record clearance will become inactive if the person is not associated with an RCFE for 2 years.

  3. please tell me if a FBI criminal records from arizona is valid in california is for care giver who work in arizona as care giver for elderly in residential home for elderly until 5/12/12 and wantsto start working on 5/16/12

  4. Good Afternoon,

    I never received my Criminal Clearance that was supposed to be mailed. I do know that I am cleared because the administrator called to confirm this. How do i obtain the confirmation letter i was supposed to receive i need to have it in my file.

  5. Hello Lucia. You would request that from your local CCL office.

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