How To Meet California’s 2016 Training Requirements

On January 1, 2016 new laws regarding RCFE Administrator and caregiver training took effect in California. Whether you are for or against the new training regulations for caregivers and RCFEs, these newly expanded requirements are an aspect of doing business that must be met to avoid costly fines or other compliance related issues.

What are the new 2016 laws that effect California caregivers?
  • AB 1570 Increases Caregiver Training and Administrator Exam
  • SB 911 Increases Administrator Certification Requirements, Medication Training and Caregiver Training
What must caregivers do for certification or recertification in 2016?

40 hours total orientation
• 20 hours before working independently
–6 hours dementia
–4 hours postural supports, hospice
• 20 hours within first 4 weeks of employment
–6 hours dementia

All RCFE general direct care staff must complete sixteen (16) hours of hands-on training as part of initial training within the first four (4) weeks of employment. Licensees may require that direct care staff complete a portion of these hours before providing care to residents independently, and complete a remaining portion of these hours anytime within the first four (4) weeks of employment. This requirement may be based on direct care staff knowledge, ability, and skill necessary to ensure the health and safety of residents in the facility.

Direct care staff must also complete 20 hours of training annually, including 8 hours specific to dementia care and four hours specific to postural supports, restricted health conditions, and hospice care. The training may be administered on the job, in a classroom, online, or a combination of all three.

What new training requirements are RCFE Administrator specific for 2016?

Although no changes were made to RCFE recertification requirements, initial RCFE certification training has increased from 40 hours to 80 hours.

How To Become A Certified RCFE Administrator

The qualifications outlined by CA regulation 87405 require that a Certified RCFE Administrator be at least 21 years of age, have a high school diploma (GED or equivalent) and meet regulatory requirements to provide care and supervision in a community.

To meet the required 80 hours for an RCFE Administrator Certification, applicants must register with Care and Compliance Group’s Certification Program. This includes 6 days of live class training to meet the 60-hour live training requirement, and 20 hours of online courses to receive an official 80-hour Certificate of Completion.

After you have completed the classes, you must take and pass the state exam. (Note: Practice RCFE Administrator exams are available online) The final step before receiving certification is to submit an application to the Department of Social Services.

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