National Disclosure Initiative

The importance of disclosure has become an increasingly important issue for assisted living and residential care providers.  By providing clear information to prospective residents and their responsible parties prior to move-in, we are able to clarify their expectations which often lead to improved satisfaction and a better long term relationship between provider and resident. 

In recognition of the importance of disclosure, the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and the Center for Excellence in Assisted Living are partnering in an 18-month national initiative that will produce a uniform disclosure instrument to describe the services and characteristics of individual assisted living communities. 

While we wait the results of this collaborate project, consider for now these key pieces of information to include in your disclosure documents/process: 

  • Your program philosophy
  • The process and criteria for placement in, and transfer or discharge from your community
  • The process for assessing residents and establishing individualized service plans
  • Services provided and the costs of those services
  • Specialized (condition-specific) staff training and continuing education practices relevant to the program
  • The frequency and types of activities offered
  • Options for family involvement and the availability of family support programs
  • Philosophy and policies about implementation of advance medical directives, including, but not limited to, implementation of Do Not Resuscitate order (DNRs)
  • Philosophy and policies regarding delivery of end-of-life care, including delivery of hospice and palliative care services
  • Billing and payment policies and procedures
  • Description of services provided for a basic fee
  • Description of and the fee schedule for services provided on an a la carte basis or as part of a tiered pricing system that are not included in a basic fee
  • A description of the circumstances under which residents may receive a refund of any prepaid amount such as monthly rent
  • An explanation of the use of third party services (including all health services), how they may be arranged, accessed and monitored (whether by the resident, family or the ALR),
  • Transportation policies and procedures
  • Transferred, discharged, and eviction policies and procedures
  • A list of resident rights

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