Ombudsman Visits

We recently received this question from a Tuesday Tip subscriber regarding Ombudsman visits:

“Is an Ombudsman allowed to visit privately with a resident in his/her room?”

The short answer is yes, if the resident wants to visit with the Ombudsman.  According to regulation 87468 (Personal Rights), a resident has the right “To have his/her visitors, including ombudspersons and advocacy representatives permitted to visit privately during reasonable hours and without prior notice, provided that the rights of other residents are not infringed upon.”

You can learn more about the role of Ombudsman at the California Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program website: California Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

California Title 22 regulations specify a number of staff training requirements, including orientation training for staff providing direct care, dementia care training, medications training, and more.  In addition to providing the necessary staff training, it is important to document all staff training.

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