R.A.C.E. to Fire Safety

It is important that you and your staff are prepared to respond to fires and other emergencies. Review this basic, but critical, fire response information with your team on a regular basis. Follow the “R.A.C.E.” acronym if there is a fire or suspected fire:

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Rescue – Alarm – Contain – Extinguish

Immediately stop what you are doing and remove anyone in immediate danger from the fire to a safe area.
Ambulatory persons should be instructed to leave under their own power and report to the Emergency Assembly Point.
Persons that require assistance with ambulation should be assisted to the Emergency Assembly Point (identified in the Evacuations section of this manual).
Get out as safely and quickly as possible. The less time you and others are exposed to poisonous gases, heat, or flames, the safer everyone will be.
Assist/ensure evacuation per instructions from the Disaster Leader and according to the Evacuations section of this manual.

Activate the nearest fire alarm pull stations (if applicable).
Call 911 and/or the front desk (if applicable) to report the location and current extent of the fire. The front desk is notified so that the entire disaster response team can be quickly notified.

Close all doors and windows that you can safety reach to contain the fire.
During evacuation close the doors behind you.

Only attempt to extinguish the fire if it is safe for you to do so.
Retrieve the nearest fire extinguisher and follow the “P.A.S.S.” procedure:
P = Pull the pin breaking the plastic seal;
A = Aim at the base of the fire;
S = Squeeze the handles together; and
S = Sweep from side to side.

RACE Acronym

5 Responses to “R.A.C.E. to Fire Safety”

  1. we have Raise Alarm, Assist, Contain, Evacuate for RACE which is the correct legislative meaning, please instruct me and could you supply the standard it applies to Australian or QLD.
    thank you

  2. E could also mean “Evacuate” if “Extinguise isn’t possible.

  3. “A” can also mean “alert” in place of “alarm”

  4. Wha does R.A.C.F. stand for dealing with fire safety?

  5. Hey Shay, it’s actually R.A.C.E. with an “E”. If you read through the article and scroll down to the R.A.C.E graphic, you’ll be able to see what each letter of the acronym stands for.

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