RCFE Classes Now Coincide With State Exam Dates

Students in Class
In an effort to better help future RCFE Administrators advance their careers, we’ve adjusted our RCFE Administrator Certification Classes to coincide as closely as possible with the Administrator Exam Schedule. This means class dates are now based on the California Department of Social Services exam schedule.

New administrators in training will be able to take our certification class and take the exam shortly thereafter. Initial feedback indicates that this change is helping students do better on the state exam.

“When people are able to attend a certification class and then immediately take the exam, all of the information they’ve learned is fresh in their mind,” says Sharon K. Brothers, MSW, CEO of the Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed), the parent company for Care and Compliance Group. “We’re expecting this change will reduce test anxiety and increase the pass rate of administrators taking our programs throughout California. We’ll continue to make changes like these in an effort to create an easier testing process that helps our students succeed.”

Although it is recommended that individuals find a testing date and location that works best for them, attendees of Care and Compliance Group RCFE classes can be assured that the completion of an RCFE class will line up with the next exam date in their region, giving them the test-taking advantage of being recently prepared.

Learn more about RCFE class locations and dates on our California RCFE Administrator Certification page.

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