Five Things You Need to Know About the RCFE Questionnaire

RCFE providers are receiving notices in the mail regarding a new RCFE Questionnaire available on the CCL website, and many of you aren’t sure what this is all about.  Here are five things you need to know about the questionnaire:

  1. The questionnaire was created as a project with CCLD and the University of California, San Francisco as a way to improve access to information about RCFEs for potential residents and other consumers.
  2. Some of the information in the questionnaire is pulled from your existing facility CCL record (e.g. license number, etc.), but most of the information is entered by you, including photos of your RCFE.
  3. The information entered in the questionnaire will appear and other consumer-oriented websites.
  4. You need the pin number included in the letter from CCL in order to access your questionnaire.
  5. By completing the questionnaire you provide more information to potential residents and their family members who are searching for care options.

Starting next week Care and Compliance Group will be posting a FREE online course that will help you prepare to complete the questionnaire.

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