Referrals Can Come From a Variety of Sources

  1. Family and friends – The easiest and most accessible referrals are those provided by family and friends of facility personnel.
  2. Networking – Focused networking is an effective way to increase the number of referrals. Networking opportunities are not always formal affairs but can be simple routine conversations about the community and the quality services it provides.  
  3. Satisfied Customers – Make sure that your services are beyond reproach because negative news spreads rapidly. Honesty and integrity must be the first and foremost value of the facility if it is to succeed. Satisfied customers tell at least three people about their experience. Dissatisfied customers tell at least 11 people.  
  4. Other Providers – The assisted living industry is growing rapidly. With the growth of the industry comes not only increased competition, but increased options for potential clients. Many communities are beginning to target more closely the type of client served. With this specialization in the industry, you may find that you can refer to and receive referrals from communities that offer a different level of service than you do.
  5. Placement Facilities – Some providers find success in using placement facilities to generate referrals and maintain census.
  6. Public Speaking Engagements – Public speaking engagements are great opportunities for referral business, particularly if you are the person chosen to give the presentation.

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