Time Away for Licensees

We love when you send us questions that we can answer in the Tuesday Tip! This week’s question from a Tuesday Tip subscriber in California is:

“I am the administrator of my RCFE. Am I able to leave for a short trip if I’m still available by phone?”

Community Care Licensing provided a clear response to this in the Fall 2010 Adult/Senior Care Update, in which they stated:

“All RCFE licensees are reminded that if the facility administrator is temporarily absent, there must be a designated person who is qualified to act as an administrator and operate the facility in their absence. The designated administrator must meet qualifying criteria as described in regulation section 87405, Administrator Qualifications and Duties.”

2 Responses to “Time Away for Licensees”

  1. You state that some clarification found in the “Medication Self-Assessment Guide available on the CCL website concerning Blood Pressure Monitoring. But we as Administrators are not licensed by the “Medication Self-Assessment Guide”. We are licensed by CCLD Title 22 regulations and Health and Safety Codes…As you probably are aware there are many mistakes in Title 22 regulations that need to be addressed within Community Care Licensing.

    Rosalie Sandoval
    Executive Director

  2. Hello Rosalie,

    I am not sure if your response was meant for this post or another, but I can clarify your commenta bout the Self-Assessment guide.

    As an RCFE provider, you want to be in compliance with:
    1. The Health and Safety Code
    2. CCL Regulations
    3. CCL Policy

    CCL policy, such as the self-assessment guides, are not “law” but they are the current interpretations from licensing. As you pointed out, there are many areas of Title 22 regulations that are vague or unclear. These types of policy documents are intended to provide clarification.

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