Tip: Can Med Aide Shadowing Take Place Offsite?

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Tip: Can Med Aide Shadowing Take Place Offsite? 

Health and Safety Code Section 1569.69 that took effect in 2008 requires additional training for persons assisting residents with self-administration of medications (med aides) in an RCFE.  Part of this requirement includes “shadowing” a new med aide as part of his/her training.

A recent caller to our office asked if the shadowing can be done offsite or if it must be done in the facility where the med aide will work?  For the answer to this question we turned to the Community Care Licensing Information Release No. 2007-10 that was distributed in December of 2007.  The release states the following in the frequently asked questions section:

“Can the hands-on shadowing portion of the training be held off-site?”

“No.  H&S Code Section 1569.69(a) specifies that the training shall consist of eight or two hours of hands-on shadowing training (based on licensed capacity of the facility)…Since hands-on shadowing training is not considered ‘other’ training, it must be provided onsite.”

So, to be clear:

1. The hands-on shadowing portion of the required training must be done in the facility.

2. The inservice training portion of the requirement can be done in the facility or offsite.

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Josh Allen, RN

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  1. How long can family members/guests stay (vacation) in the facility without having to get fingerprinted? Thanks.

  2. how many patients can one med aide despence meds to at a time

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