Top 10 Employer Mistakes

The California Chamber of Commerce has listed on its website the “Top 10 Things Employers Do to Get Sued.”  Scan the list below to make sure you are not committing one of these common employer mistakes.

  1. Enforcing “Use-It-or-Lose-It” vacation policies
  1. Holding final paychecks until a former employee returns property, such as pagers or uniforms
  1. Terminating employees who file Worker’s Compensation claims
  1. Scheduling employees to work four 10-hour days without paying overtime
  1. Not training front-line managers (such as a director of assisted living or assistant administrator) about labor laws
  1. Referring to employees as being eligible for “Permanent Employee” status after a probationary period
  1. Paying everyone on salary
  1. Allowing employees to work through lunch breaks on a busy day and make up the time on a slower day
  1. Requiring employees to sign non-compete agreements
  1. Treating everyone as an Independent Contractor

Click here to read the full California Chamber of Commerce article with detailed explanations and suggested solutions to each of these offenses.

2 Responses to “Top 10 Employer Mistakes”

  1. Do you give classes on labor laws?

  2. Hello Carol. We recenly covered labor law issues during our California Compliance Webinar. Be sure you are on our email list and check the website ( for future webinars and specialized conferences on the topic.

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