Tuesday Tip: Air Conditioning

Have you checked your air conditioning and heater duct filters recently? If they look old or dirty, chances are it is time to replace them. Energy costs are skyrocketing and replacing dirty filters can have a significant impact on your utility bills. Remember: 

California Code of Regulations Title 22 Division 6 Chapter 8 Section 87303 (old regulation # 87691) 

(b)     A comfortable temperature for residents shall be maintained at all times. 

(1)     The facility shall heat rooms that residents occupy to a minimum of 68 degree F, (20 degrees C).

(2)     The facility shall cool rooms to a comfortable range, between 78 degrees F (26 degrees C) and 85 degrees F (30 degrees C), or in areas of extreme heat to 30 degrees F less than the outside temperature.

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