Tuesday Tip: Family Authorization is not Always Enough

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Tip: Family authorization is not always enough

Although families play an important role in operating our communities, we cannot always rely solely on them for decisions about our resident’s care. Here are a few examples:

1. Missed Medication

If a resident in your ARF or RCFE misses a dose of medication due to refusal we must notify the prescribing physician as well as the responsible party.

Refer to Title 22, Chapter 8, Section 87465

Refer to Title 22, Chapter 1, Section 80075

2. Modified Diets

Most of us have had diabetic residents refuse to follow their diet plan, such as eating some cake after dinner or having a regular soda. Once again in these situations we must notify their physician for further direction.

So remember, the family is an important part of quality resident care but many times you must go beyond them when handling challenging situations — for your resident’s safety and to protect your own risk.

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Josh Allen, RN

Advanced Healthcare Studies, LLC

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  1. any refusal need to be documented at all times.

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