Tuesday Tip: Medication Disposal

With your hectic schedule, it is sometimes easy to overlook simple compliance issues. Advanced Healthcare Studies’ “Tuesday Tips” will bring you a quick, helpful idea each week that can assist you in your operations related to regulatory compliance. We know that many of you implement outstanding practices in your community, and we welcome your ideas as well. If you have a tip that you would like to share, just reply by email and we may share your tip in a future “Tuesday Tip.”

Tip:  What is your policy and procedure on destroying medications? The proper way is to return them to the pharmacy or have a licensed medical waste company pick them up. Never dispose of them in the toilet or trash. Disposing of them in the toilet or down the sink is an EPA violation, and disposing them in the trash leaves them accessible to residents and other staff members. Check your yellow pages for a “Medical/Hazardous Waste Disposal” company. The company should supply you with an approved container to store medications in until they pick them up. This is one simple way you can help to keep our water and land free of toxins and keep yourself compliant with regulations as well. 

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