Website Can Be A Marketing System

Assisted living websites designGreat websites work 24 hours per day, no matter what distractions occur in a facility. When you incorporate “content marketing” systems into your website, you can attract seniors and their family members, inform (as if face-to-face), drive follow-up & keep-in-touch programs, and make it easy for those who like your facility to make referrals.

For example, add Thanksgiving photos to your website “Activity Scrapbook” and you now have a great reason to contact your three key lists.

Recommendations For “Real-World” Systems

Here are some other examples of systems (some simple, some more complex) that are set up to have a marketing pay-off in assisted living / residential care.

  1. Develop Templates – When someone inquires about your facility/home, you must respond quickly and communicate professionally. Set up templates that deal with common issues so creating and sending an e-mail, text or letter is simple and quicker. All you have to do is merge and then make small, personal adjustments before sending out your message. (You can even have templates to “guide” your handwritten notes and phone calls.)
  2. Create Lists – Develop “three key lists” – referral sources, inquiries and family members. E-mail/text valuable information to your three key lists on a regular basis.
  3. Support Tours With Evidence – Create at least four “Tour Stops” that provide strategic evidence, offer visual cues and lead to emotional stories. Each stop should be focused on a different theme – activities, expertise, personal care, events, fun, family involvement, independence, etc.
    • This is especially critical if you have staff members who help out, but are not really comfortable with doing tours.
    • The way you set up tour stops may have to be modified in small care homes. However, you still have to have stops that provide evidence to support what you are saying.

This tip was provided by Steve Schmidt. Find Steve speaking at Small Provider Conference this December.

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  1. Great advice! I especially appreciate the tip to create three different lists. What tools have you found helpful for list building?

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