Hospitality in Assisted Living

Assisted living and residential care is a resident centered business. Not only do we care for residents, but we also respect them as consumers of the services we provide. And they are increasingly savvy consumers.

As expectations regarding quality, amenities, choice, and independence increase, so does the importance of hospitality. Focusing on hospitality can help ensure family and resident satisfaction, as well as retention of current residents.

In recognition of the importance of hospitality and customer service in general, we will focus on this important topic for May’s Tuesday Tips. We hope you will share this information with your staff and that it will help you raise the hospitality standards in your community.

An effective hospitality practice used by many hotels and made famous by Wal-Mart is the “10 foot rule”. This simple technique requires staff to smile, say hello, and offer assistance to any customer they come within 10 feet of. This can be easily implemented in an assisted living community, and gives your staff a clear strategy to quickly improve the hospitality experience for your residents.

3 Responses to “Hospitality in Assisted Living”

  1. In order to do this the worker must be able to communicate well enough in the language of the resident to be effective. Several items that i offer in my business are resolutions for language-caused problems in the workplace, and strategies for professional language and interaction for staff members in residential circumstances..

  2. This is a great post and very insightful to the 10 foot rule. I will have to try that next time I am in a Walmart or a retail store. But the care of the elderly is one of the most important issue today. With all of the baby boomers coming to the age of retirement this needs to be large issue discussed through the United States.

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