Get Back to the Basics

We are hearing multiple reports of increased CCL inspection activity in RCFEs around the state, and an coinciding increase in deficiencies and compliance conferences. Some have suggested that this may be in response to recent negative media attention on the assisted living industry. Whatever the reason, it is an important reminder to ensure that some of your basic compliance issues are not being overlooked. Here are ten quick items to look at in your RCFE, including the corresponding regulation number/reference:

  1. Obtain and review a physician report prior to move-in (87458)
  2. Update the physician report annually for all residents with dementia (87705)
  3. Have physician orders for all medications (87465)
  4. Have PRN authorizations on file indicating resident’s abilities related to PRN medications (87465)
  5. Ensure all medications are stored in a safe locked place (87465)
  6. Provide and document the mandatory 10 hours of orientation training for all direct care staff (87411)
  7. Provide and document the mandatory 6 hours of dementia care training for all direct care staff if you advertise or provide dementia special care (87707)
  8. Do not retain residents beyond the number indicated in your hospice waiver (87632)
  9. Do not retain residents with a prohibited health condition (87615)
  10. Do not allow staff to begin working without appropriate criminal clearance (87355)

6 Responses to “Get Back to the Basics”

  1. Thank you, this is so informative. I am looking forward to continue working with you as I pursue the opening of my new RCFE. Thank you.
    Andria P. Harris.

  2. Your timely reminder comes at a good time. Licensed communities – of every size – are expanding our services all over the state. Insuring all of our services and care practices are done in a manner which is fully compliant with CCLD is a critical first concern as we take advantage of these new market opportunities.. WestHaven Senior Living is growing and remains aware of the need to focus on the basics of good and compliant care not just to avoid citations, but as a safeguard against slippery slope decline in quality of resident care quaility.

  3. Can rcfe admit a resident who is sliding scale diabetic who manages on their own?

  4. Hello Wayne… Yes, just make sure that is confirmed with a written physician order, addressed in the service plan, properly stored, etc.

  5. I understand that Med Tech’s cannot assist with the administration of hospice medications but, can we store the meds in our med room?

  6. Hello Marie. Yes you can store hospice medications in your med room. Just for clarification, your staff can assist with hospice mess, they just cannot administer them.

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