Night Staffing Requirements

At today’s CALA conference, Community Care Licensing staff identified insufficient staffing as one of the most common deficiencies issued during licensing inspections, particularly the issue of night staff.

RCFE regulations generally do not specify the exact ratio of staff required to be on duty. However regulation 87415 does outline the following specifics for staffing required between 10:00 pm to 6:00 am:

  • In facilities caring for less than sixteen (16) residents, there shall be a qualified person on call on the premises.
  • In facilities caring for sixteen (16) to one hundred (100) residents at least one employee shall be on duty on the premises, and awake. Another employee shall be on call, and capable of responding within ten minutes.
  • In facilities caring for one hundred one (101) to two hundred (200) residents, one employee shall be on call, on the premises; one employee shall be on duty on the premises and awake; and one employee shall be on call and capable of responding within ten minutes.
  • Every additional 100 residents, or fraction thereof, shall require an additional one (1) staff person on duty, on the premises and awake.

4 Responses to “Night Staffing Requirements”

  1. I would refuse to work in a facility with 200 people and be the only one on duty. What kind of numbers are these. Who created this formula. Yikes

  2. Does this also apply to Dementia units with 16 or more resident’s. We have two awake staff on duty.

  3. Teena… Great point. These are definitely minimum guidelines that most providers can and do exceed.

  4. Debra… I’m so glad you asked. Regulation 87705 has additional require,emits when caring for residents with dementia: “In addition to requirements specified in Section 87415, Night Supervision, a facility with fewer than 16 residents shall have at least one night staff person awake and on duty if any resident with dementia is determined through a pre-admission appraisal, reappraisal or observation to require awake night supervision.”

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