To Serve those Who Serve Others

July 8, 2014
Dear Blog Reader:

At Care and Compliance Group, we believe in straightforward, factual communications with our customers. For more than three decades, we have served those who serve others by helping Assisted Living providers across the country (from individual owners to large corporate providers) in meeting their staff reminder of compliance needs. Whether it is a simple email from our staff or a reminder of our comprehensive training, our goal is to provide you with clear communication. That is why we are writing today.

We have anticipated significant legislative changes for RCFEs this year in response to some of the negative press surrounding our industry. Through our participation on the California Assisted Living Association Public Policy Committee, we have the opportunity to play a proactive role by being involved in shaping California legislation currently under development. Our goal in participating in this process is to ensure all providers have a voice; whether caring for six residents in one RCFE or thousands of residents across a large organization. We believe we represent our 100,000+ customers in these discussions and are intent on influencing legislation so that it makes sense and benefits the quality and ongoing growth of this amazing industry.

We have seen in other states what can happen to the training requirements in response to negative media attention. In recent years, under pressure from the media and litigation, Arizona and Washington put into place extensive training requirements that placed unnecessary burdens and costs on Assisted Living providers that we are working to avoid. For example, in Arizona caregivers are now required to train 104 hours off-site and test off-site. The financial and operational impact to Assisted Living providers under this new law is significant.

We agree that California RCFE training requirements are in need of updating, but the changes must be reasonable. Over the last 30 years, we have seen a significant increase in the acuity of the residents we serve. Many of them have chronic conditions and advancing stages of dementia. Training requirements have not kept in step with these care needs. The minimum required training for caregivers of 10 hours in the first four weeks of employment is not enough. Lack of training can results in accidents, unnecessary hospitalization, higher staff turnover and litigation against care providers-all of which leads to costs that can be in the millions of dollars. Proactively making changes to training requirements helps to ensure that Assisted Living and Residential Care will continue to grow and prosper.

We can all agree that:

  • Training must improve to ensure quality in the face of a changing resident population.
  • By being actively involved in this process, rather than watching and shouting from the sidelines, we are able to help shape legislation that is fair, workable, and in the best interests of both residents and Assisted Living and Residential Care providers.
  • Many communities already provide more than the minimum training requirements, so in reality meeting this requirement will not create a significant burden. Increased training leads to fewer accidents and incidents, ensures best practices in the delivery of care, and improves resident and their families’ satisfaction regarding care.
  • Increased training also lowers turnover and workplace injuries, and ensures that staff have the tools and techniques to effectively do their jobs which leads to happier staff.

We will continue to work hard to represent your interest in this important legislative activity. Change to state regulations and compliancy requirements is inevitable. Our efforts to support and shape this legislation is truly to the benefit of you and your residents. Should you have any questions, we would be happy to discuss them with you one-on-one. Please feel free to call me at 800-321-1727. Thank you.


Josh Allen

One Response to “To Serve those Who Serve Others”

  1. It would be very beneficial and of interest to most Care providers to know the days and times of the meetings that take place in Sacramento. Those meetings should be attended by most of us as interested party to support and shape legislation for the benefit and well being of residents as well as Assisted Living facilities. Please post and advertise as much as possible the different meetings, for us to car pool or some how make it to those meetings, so that the Assisted Living industry may have a large representation. Thank you very much.

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