Download The Latest RCFE & ARF Catalog

Our Fall 2016 Class Catalog makes it easy to find the initial certification or recertification classes you need as an RCFE or ARF Administrator. It also features additional training and compliance solutions designed to make running a regulation compliant RCFE or ARF easy. Click the link below to view our upcoming class schedules and learn more about how the …

RCFE Classes Now Coincide With State Exam Dates

In an effort to better help future RCFE Administrators advance their careers, we’ve adjusted our RCFE Administrator Certification Classes to coincide as closely as possible with the Administrator Exam Schedule. This means class dates are now based on the California Department of Social Services exam schedule. New administrators in training will be able to take …

How To Meet California’s 2016 Training Requirements

On January 1, 2016 new laws regarding RCFE Administrator and caregiver training took effect in California. Whether you are for or against the new training regulations for caregivers and RCFEs, these newly expanded requirements are an aspect of doing business that must be met to avoid costly fines or other compliance related issues.

Website Can Be A Marketing System

Great websites work 24 hours per day, no matter what distractions occur in a facility. When you incorporate “content marketing” systems into your website, you can attract seniors and their family members, inform (as if face-to-face), drive follow-up & keep-in-touch programs, and make it easy for those who like your facility to make referrals.

Regulatory compliance implications with emar

The use of electronic MARs is growing exponentially in assisted living.   EMARs have demonstrated improvement in efficiency as well as medication safety.  Many providers are touting  17 percent or more improved efficiency when using EMAR.  While the benefits of moving away from paper mar are many, providers must take certain steps to ensure compliance.

How Long Does a Criminal Clearance Remain Active?

This week’s Tuesday Tip is in response to a question from one of our subscribers: How long does the criminal clearance of an employee in an RCFE remain active? When does it have to be redone? 

Transferring a Criminal Clearance

Did you know that you can save the time and hassle of submitting a new employee’s fingerprints if they already have a criminal clearance on file with CCL? If an individual has an active clearance associated with another state licensed facility, he/she should NOT be reprinted. You may contact your local CCL office to verify …

Criminal Clearances for Private Duty Aides

An increasing number of residents in assisted living — and their families — are hiring private duty aides to provide additional support and companionship even while living in an RCFE. A Tuesday Tip subscriber recently emailed us for clarification on the criminal clearance requirements for these individuals. Fortunately Community Care Licensing provides clarification on this …

Time Away for Licensees

We love when you send us questions that we can answer in the Tuesday Tip! This week’s question from a Tuesday Tip subscriber in California is: “I am the administrator of my RCFE. Am I able to leave for a short trip if I’m still available by phone?”

Managing Personal Stress

Caring for others can be stressful and how well you care for yourself is as important as how well you care for your residents. Here are a few simple tips to help manage personal stress: