Tuberculin Skin Test Shortages

Many assisted living providers are encountering shortages of PPD tuberculin skin tests needed to conduct tuberculosis screening for both staff and residents. The CDC and FDA have confirmed the shortages:

Get Back to the Basics

We are hearing multiple reports of increased CCL inspection activity in RCFEs around the state, and an coinciding increase in deficiencies and compliance conferences. Some have suggested that this may be in response to recent negative media attention on the assisted living industry. Whatever the reason, it is an important reminder to ensure that some …

Residents with Dementia and Personal Grooming Items

Residents with dementia or other cognitive impairments may be at risk if they have access to personal hygiene items.  RCFE regulation 87705 addresses how to handle these to ensure safety:

Documentation of Staff Training in the RCFE

A Tuesday Tip subscriber recently emailed with a question regarding documentation of staff training. California RCFE regulation 87412 details the documentation that must be maintained for staff training and orientation, which includes:

Can I require central storage of medications in my RCFE?

Medications in a RCFE must be secured at all times. They can either be stored behind lock and key in the resident’s room (when authorized) or in central storage under the control of authorized staff members.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements in Effect

Starting January 1, 2013 all multi-family lease or rental dwellings in California–including RCFEs–must comply with the state carbon monoxide alarm requirements.  Are you in compliance?  Click here to learn more:   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Carbon Monoxide (CO) Devices

Balancing Diabetes During the Holidays

The holiday season is a special time of year where we get to enjoy parties and gatherings with the people that we love the most.  These festive get-togethers often include a wide and flavorful variety of foods, desserts and beverages.  From the travel, change of routine and large quantity of food, this time of year …

Sign the Stop Alzheimer’s Petition

Forty-two percent of assisted living residents have Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. As a care provider you understand the importance of finding ways to manage and prevent the disease.

Night Staffing Requirements

At today’s CALA conference, Community Care Licensing staff identified insufficient staffing as one of the most common deficiencies issued during licensing inspections, particularly the issue of night staff.