Types of Learning

When training staff in an assisted living or residential care community there are different types of learning that we want our staff to learn. The importance of this awareness is to make sure you set up the right “teaching” for the right type of “learning” that you want your staff to acquire.

The three types of learning are:

  • Knowledge: Knowledge is the information your staff need to have to do their job. For example, knowing where the residents’ charts are stored.
  • Skills: Skills are the tasks or behaviors your staff need to have. For example, how to properly wash hands after removing gloves
  • Attitudes: Attitudes are the emotions or feelings that we wish our staff to have and display to our residents. For example, feeling compassion and genuine care for the residents.

Consider these types of learning when evaluating training needs and developing your corresponding training plan. Different teaching methods and techniques can be more effective for each type of learning.

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