Newly Developed Activity Program Director Certification Classes Increasing Throughout California

Latest Curriculum Designed To Meet Community Staffing Needs

Activity Leader Class Overview

In California, RCFEs are required to provide or coordinate a planned activities program that includes social and recreational activities appropriate to the interests and capabilities of residents. And in most facilities, it’s specifically trained staff members that are responsible for managing an activity program. Facilities with:

  • 15 Or Fewer Residents – are required to provide an activity program that may be implemented by staff that are cross trained to provide activities.
  • 16-49 Residents – are required to have one staff member that manages activity programs. This individual must have six months of activity planning experience and completed an activity program training or certification.
  • 50 Or More Residents – are required to have one staff member employed as a dedicated activities program coordinator. This individual must have one year or more of experience as an activity director, have completed an activity program training or certification, and be train and supervise other employees or volunteers involved in any planned activities.

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Care and Compliance Group’s 3-day, 24 CEU Activity Leader Certification class is designed to meet the latest staffing requirements surrounding activity programming. This includes training in the use of a non-pharmacological, person-centered approach to activity programming that may help reduce the use of psychotropic medications. And Although all 24 hours are approved for Administrators, an additional benefit to getting certified is that an entire half day (4 CEUs) of the curriculum is dedicated to dementia related activity training. And these 4 CEUs can be applied towards required dementia recertification training for RCFE Administrators.

As a staff developing investment, many facilities are already seeing the benefits of having a fully trained and certified caregiver using the new person-centered approach to activity planning. And meeting the requirements of activity programming has also let many facilities to easily and affordably improve health and wellbeing of their residents.

About the Instructor

Maria Ciscoe - Activity Program InstructorMaria Ciscoe has been an Activity director for 32 years and a Care and Compliance instructor for the past 16 years. You can find Maria teaching our continuing education courses, RCFE initial certification program, and Activity leader certification at locations throughout California. Maria is known across the state for her fun, interactive, and memorable teaching style.

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