Inspirational Hospice Care

I have had the pleasure of conducting a number of hospice classes statewide. I always find after any I class I lead that learning is a two way street. I could never put a value on the knowledge, care techniques and innovative practices I have learned in classes. Generous providers often share great ideas with the entire class that ultimately benefit the industry. Below are some inspirational care ideas students have shared regarding end of life care. If you have other ideas-jump on line. It is easy to post a comment to the blog!

From a San Diego Provider

My dying resident asked me what she should do in her end days. I said if I were her I would want to enjoy sunsets, stars and the moon. She agreed. One evening I invited her family over and we moved her big recliner out in the backyard. We bundled her up all nice and warm. We pushed the recliner back and she and her family enjoyed star gazing together. After she died, the family was so grateful for that special time.

From a Roseville Administrator

I invite families to our “memorial service” we hold in our facility, once their loved one has passed. They are so moved to see how much the other residents, and especially staff, cared about their loved one. It brings closure for staff and helps relieve any guilt the family might have had about placing their loved one in the last days.

From a San Leandro Nurse

I keep flavored lip balm by the resident’s bed in the last days. Every time a care staff goes in, they apply a little. It makes sure their lips are never parched in the last days of life.

From a Riverside Owner

I always tell my residents, life is too short not to be silly and sometimes indulgent. We joke about what we wanted to do or enjoy. One of my residents always watched her figure her whole life. She used to joke about wanting to eat dessert first. As going to the dining room became harder for her, I surprised her once. I went to a very nice bakery and brought her a “pastry tray” before dinner. My two caregivers and I joined her. Chocolates! Caramel desserts! Pie! Lots and lots of whipped cream! She loved it. We all joked about our “dessert escapade” for days. I will never forget how she giggled with delight as we spoon fed her treats.

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