New Continuing Education Topics

Are you registered for one of our recertification courses after May 1?  If so, you are one of the lucky students that will be enjoying our brand new 2008 continuing education courses.  Thousands of students have enjoyed our previous topics, but it is time to transition to our new courses–a transition we are excited about.

Our curricula development team and instructors are putting the finishing touches on our handouts and presentations, and our operations crew is running copies and preparing to deliver the first batch of new handouts to our classrooms later this month.

Here is brief summary of our new topics:

Day 1 – Regulation Compliance Update

This course provides participants with current, detailed regulatory requirements for operating group homes, adult residential facilities, and residential care facilities for the elderly. Information on historic and casual foundations of specific regulations is presented. Interactive course discussions guide reviews of physical plant, medication support, food service, staff training, and documentation best practices.

Day 2 – Staffing Success

Staffing Success addresses management actions to promote a quality resident care workforce.  This program will take an honest look at real world staffing actions to address common community issues such as turnover, caregiver diversity, call offs, lack of initiative, and poor attitude.  Actual motivational phrases and actions will be discussed.  Disciplinary and termination actions will be reviewed.  Finally, the program will examine the components of change to motivate administrators to implement necessary staffing actions to yield superior client care.

Day 3 – Food and Nutrition

This program presents essential components to a well-run food service program.  It defines the necessary steps that help meet not only the nutritional needs of our clients, but also examines the social aspects of the dining experience.  Whether a large or small community, client specific interventions are discussed.  Technical suggestions for a safe food program as well as staff training essentials are covered during this presentation.  There is ample opportunity for creative idea exchange as well as step-by-step food service pointers.

Day 4 – Healthcare Issues

Healthcare Issues takes a proactive wellness and prevention approach to assisting our clients with health related concerns.  The program begins with a statistical overview of mortality issues which are client age specific.  Theories of aging are discussed from childhood to the elderly.  Alternative and complimentary therapies are examined with an emphasis on how to help our clients avoid scams.  The importance of nutrition, exercise, appropriate rest, and stress reduction for all client age groups is emphasized.  The day wraps up with a look at contagious conditions and interventions to help address three healthcare concerns for all ages: heart disease, diabetes, and influenza.

Day 5 – Dementia Care: Mind, Body, and Spirit

This basic dementia care program takes a unique approach to care in that it will focus on meeting not just the physical care needs but also the emotional and spiritual needs of the resident.  Emphasis is placed on maintaining a positive care environment that embraces the unique care needs, rather than view care as a constant burden or challenge.  Practical approaches to the variety of personal care needs, including bathing, grooming, feeding, and assisting with medications will be covered.  Safety concerns and risk management strategies will address the special care concerns.  The program concludes with addressing not just the needs of the resident, but the resident’s family as well.

 If you would like more information or would like to register, just click on the following link: 2008 recertification courses.

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