Three Steps to Better Marketing Online

Providers have faced many challenges over the last few years related to the economy, including challenges related to occupancy and retention. In a poll conducted last year 57% of assisted living and residential care providers told us that “attracting new residents” is their biggest challenge. Your online presence and use of the Internet is a key component in ensuring an effective marketing strategy. Consider these three steps to making better use of the Internet in your efforts to attract new residents and improve retention:

1. Don’t Overlook the Basics
Don’t let your website suffer from a lack of basic information. Is it easy to find your phone number and other contact information? Is the font easy to read? Is the navigation easy to use? Ask clients and other stakeholders about the experience they had when browsing your website.

2. Is it Time for Social Media?
Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are not just for teenagers looking for entertainment. Everyone from ALFA to the White House are utilizing these social networking tools to reach out to current and potential clients and other interested stakeholders. While you’re at it, you can follow us on Twitter, become our friend on Facebook, and check out our YouTube channel.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
It doesn’t matter how great your website is if people don’t find it. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of designing a website to make its way to the top of the search results on Google and other popular search engines. This is best achieved by working with an experienced webmaster with expertise in SEO. You can learn more about this directly from Google.

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  1. Hello My name is Lucia,
    I need Help . We need an efficient way to advertise our facility. we are now looking for a male and a female resident. We have tried various agencies but it seems it’s not working well. We need residents ASAP to be able to be able to continue without letting employees go. Please help. Thank you.

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