The Importance of House Rules

While many of us are very concerned about filling beds and keeping our community full, there are also challenges related to moving residents out of our building.  Attorney Joel Goldman recently highlighted some of these challenges in a recent California Compliance monthly Webinar.

Attorney Goldman explained it is relatively easy to evict for such reason as nonpayment of the rent.  However, there is no provision directly for evicting a “problem resident.”  For example, you cannot evict someone for poor hygiene without back up.  Your great protection for evicting problematic residents is your house rules.  Regulation clearly states you may evict for violation of house rules.  When is the last time you reviewed yours?  Are they as comprehensive as you wish they would be?  Listed below are some examples of often overlooked rules that can provide some protection when evicting.  It is always best to seek legal counsel prior to evicting a resident. 

Good Hygiene

Residents are expected to bathe regularly and be well groomed in the community at all times.

Profanity/Abusive language

Residents may not use profanity or verbally abuse other residents or staff.

Appropriate Attire

Clean street clothes and shoes are to be worn at all times in common areas of the community.  Robes and nightclothes may not be worn in the dining room.

OTC Medications

Over the Counter medications may not be kept in the possession of the resident without the written approval of both the resident’s physician and the administrator.

2 Responses to “The Importance of House Rules”

  1. Hello, I own a 6 bed RCFE its about 8 mths old I have a resident that is in the process of eviction for nonpayment, which is ugly, the family made a complaint for admissions agreement which I was not cited for anything wrong ,but the 2nd compliant was the personal rights with the house rules the resident stated showering every other day was not something she liked and that we made he put night clothes on at 7 and no using the phone after 11pm. Our House rules stated 9pm for night wear and 11pm phone was for emergency only, I was cited for that even after being approved by the state. They said it was probably over looked but they still would issue the citation and I could appeal it. I have and am working with them to change the wording. My ? is how do I have any rules or schedule if every resident is now stating I don’t have to do that. The house rules were signed by both the resident and the conservator and because they are being evicted then now of course I have a complaint about the rules. There argument is how is it ok that they signed there personal rights away. My statement is that if you didn’t like the rules then they could have chosen a different RCFE. I need to know the true regulations the state Im working with is very nice but they are also new and don’t seem to know whats going on I need help.

  2. I have identified a property that I feel would make an ideal RCFE. I am trying contact interested parties who are familiar with the set up of one of these homes. The property is in Stockton, California.

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