Tuesday Tip: Maintaining Staff Training Records

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Tip: Regulations require that all staff training be documented.  To ensure your California Community Care Licensing Division, Licensing Program Analyst (LPA) is able to easily locate training records for each employee, be sure to keep copies of training records in each individual employee file.  We recommend creating an internal form for tracking important components of employee training, such as each employee’s 10-hour direct care orientation, dementia care, and medication training.  It also may be a good idea to keep each training record on a colored paper, such as pink paper for 10-hour orientation training, as this allows you to quickly and easily locate the document in each employee file.

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3 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Maintaining Staff Training Records”

  1. in regards to speaking foreign language in front of primarily English speaking residents in an RCFE- what are the regulations to protect the Residents Rights without infringing as an employer on 1st amendment? can i make a english speaking only rule?

  2. Regs do require good English writing and speaking skills. Per the senior LPA at the CCLD Oakland Office in California during our Component III required training. Who judges that I am not sure.

  3. How many years are we required to keep Staff Training Records in their files? our files are getting quite large.

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