Out of Town Conferences

Have you ever been interested in a conference that Community Education, LLC is hosting, but the thought of getting to that location is to overwhelming? Below are some travel tips that may help make your travel experience more pleasurable.

Travel Tips

  • If you book a round trip ticket with an airline and are unable to make your first flight, you need to immediately notify the airline. If you don’t contact the airline, and if you intend to use the second half of the flight, they may have cancelled your entire ticket after you missed the first flight.
  • Keep in mind airport parking fees can really add up over a number of days. Use satellite parking when available; it tends to be a little more inexpensive.
  • When deciding between which airports to fly into, keep in mind the cost of gas and or public transportation/taxi fares.
  • Some airlines will allow you to change your flight for around $50 – $100 to a different day if they have availability. So if you want to stay and extra day in San Francisco, Las Vegas, or San Diego it might only cost you $50.00 to extend your trip.
  • If you fly often, sign up for frequent flyer miles with each airline.
  • Book early and online for the best rate.
  • Become an express member with rental car agencies; this will allow you to bypass the check-in counter and go straight to the express service when retrieving your car.
  • Some airports have multiple security gates (Oakland), so if one security gate is extremely long you may cut your time in half by using the other gate.
  • Consider extending your out-of-town visit and include a few days of vacation time. Visiting local points of interest can add pleasure to your time away from home.

If travelling is in your plans, you may wish to consider attending one of our upcoming conferences including our Small Provider Conference in Southern California (Temecula, July 17-18, 2008) and many other conferences and trainings. All our conferences include a variety of presenters and topics such as:

  • Community Care Licensing Open Forum – Small Provider Conference 2008
  • Legal Issue Open Forum – Small Provider Conference 2008
  • RCFE – Technology Advances in Residential Care – Small Provider Conference 2008
  • Addressing Licensing’s Top 10 Concerns – Sandi Flores, RN, Cheryl Swanson, Sam Stellatello – Small Provider Conference 2008

When considering attending one of our Community Education, LLC conferences, remember, conference style trainings not only provides you with continuing education units (CEU’s), but many times includes vendors that offer industry-related tools and information.

When you plan your trip, remember the above Travel Tips to make your total travel experience more pleasurable.

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