New CEU Classes for 2017

New Continuing Education Classes For RCFE and ARF Administrators Are Here!

Care and Compliance Group has four all-new CEU classes starting February, 2017* that you can register for right now. Watch the video, download the brochure, and then register for Administrator Recertification classes on

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New Recertification Class Topics Starting February, 2017:
2017 Continuing Education Topics

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TOPIC A – Get Ready for Inspection
Understanding Regulations
Understanding laws and regulations is not only required for Administrator recertification, it’s also key to successful and deficiency free operations. In addition to meeting the Law and Regulations Core of Knowledge, this class helps students understand the most common citations, and how/when to appeal these citations.

Inspection Preparedness
Are you inspection ready today? How would you do in a compliance investigation that has turned into a full-blown review? Understanding the inspection process is key to the successful management of a community. This class helps students better understand the process and how to respond to LPAs and their inspection findings.

TOPIC B – Leadership Steps to Success
Creating an Employee Dream Team
If you’re ready to build your winning team be sure to put this class at the top of your “to-do” list! Attracting good employees is getting more difficult in the current job market. This workshop provides the learner with information and strategies to respond to the challenge of recruiting, engaging, and retaining great talent.

Leadership Skills
Great leaders are not born; they are developed! Personal reflection as well as understanding leadership skills are important steps to unlocking your leadership potential. Join us as we explore leadership through the lens of leaders, and learn how to foster a culture of passion for your employees.

TOPIC C – Hot Topics for ManagersRegister for New Care and Compliance Group CEU Classes
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
California law requires that all supervisory employees must have training on this important topic at least every 2 years. This class, covering the required topics for mandatory training, prepares the manager to understand, prevent and appropriately respond to workplace issues of this nature.

Understanding Marijuana (Cannabis)
Do you know your rights and responsibilities regarding marijuana use in your community? Join us for a workshop that will increase your knowledge and understanding of cannabis, the legal requirements surrounding it, and the RCFE and ARF’s management of medical marijuana in the care setting and work place.

Death with Dignity: California’s End-of-Life Option Act
In June 2016, the End-of-Life Option Act was signed it into California law. This class provides participants an in-depth exploration of end-of-life options and medical-aid-in-dying. Understanding the history behind the law, why a person chooses medical-aid-in-dying, and the process required is critical for care professionals.

TOPIC D – Caring for People with Dementia
Caring for People with Dementia
Understanding dementia as a disease and considering the needs of those living with dementia is critical for today’s care professional. This course offers an in-depth exploration of dementia – the impact on people with dementia and their families, understanding behavior, approaches to care, and regulation and training requirements.

“These are some of the most engaging, interactive and informative classes we have ever offered” – Sharon K. Brothers, CEO

New CEU Topics Start February. Register Now and Save

Topics A & B
San Leandro – Feb. 2 & 3
Rancho Cucamonga – Feb. 11 & 12
Santa Maria – Feb. 16 & 17
Stockton – Feb. 16 & 17
Thousand Oaks – Feb. 20 & 21
San Jose – Feb. 27 & 28
Fresno – Mar. 2 & 3
Anaheim – Mar. 4 & 5
Sacramento – Mar. 8 & 9
Fairfield – Mar. 13 & 14
Pasadena – Mar. 27 & 28
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Topics C & D
Sacramento – Feb. 4 & 5
Santa Rosa – Feb. 6 & 7
Anaheim – Feb. 13 & 14
Palm Springs – Feb. 18 & 19
Encinitas – Feb. 25 & 26
Modesto – Feb. 27 & 28
San Leandro – Mar. 4 & 5
W. Los Angeles – Mar. 6 & 7
S. San Francisco – Mar. 16 & 17
Rancho Cucamonga – Mar. 23 & 24
Orland – Mar. 25 & 26
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*New classes scheduled to start February, 2017 pending DSS approval.

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  1. As a long time CCG customer (15 years!) I am more excited about these new topics than any in recent history. My supervisors and myself are sure to benefit from these timely topics set for 2017.

  2. Can you have Josh call me about the new caregivers trainings. I have talked to him before and have questions.

    Terrie 🙂

  3. Hey Terrie,

    We would be happy to provide you with information about our new CEU classes for administrators in California. Since Josh is no longer with us, your request has been forwarded to our Live Training Support department, and someone should be in touch with you shortly.

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