RCFE First Aid Training Requirements

We are often asked about first aid training requirements in an RCFE. Regulation 87411 clearly requires first aid training for “staff providing care.” The RCFE Evaluator Manual provides clarification on who is exempt from first aid training requirements: 

Facility employees who are licensed medical professionals do not have to complete first aid training, but they shall not provide training to other employees unless they are also certified as Standard First Aid Instructors.

Staff such as cooks, gardeners, and janitors shall not be required to complete first aid training unless they also serve in the capacity of direct care staff or, at various intervals, are called upon to provide direct care and supervision of the residents.

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  1. What is the responsibility of food servers in an Assisted Living facility to residents in the dining room who are choking? I am told by the facility administrators that their only responsibility is to call “911.” However, the residents and I believe that the food servers and others on the floor of the dining room should receive special emergency training for choking victims. For a choking victim, the response of 911 could be too late to help.

  2. In an RCFE who all is required to be CPR trained? Does this mean the housekeepers,maintenace and kitchen staff are also requred to do so?

  3. Hello Mia. RCFE regulations do not require CPR training, only first aid.

  4. Gary – Although only persons providing care are required to have first aid training in an RCFE, it is a good practice to have dining staff trained as well.

  5. Josh,
    Our HR department requires the staff to produce a “card” to show they have completed a first aid program. Are on-line certificates acceptable to DSS to meet the first aid training requirement?

  6. Hello JoAnn. Yes, we have a letter from CCL that confirms they will accept online first aid. If you contact our office (800-321-1727) or email me, we can send it to you.

  7. Hello Josh,

    Is a RN, LVN, and/or CNA a licensed medical professional? Meaning they do not need to complete first aid training.

  8. Josh can you also email me a copy of the letter regarding online first aid being acceptable. Thank you!

  9. Hello Josh
    Our facility also provides CPR classes to direct care staff…can CPR training substitute for First Aid Training or does direct care staff still have to take First Aid Class?

  10. Can the CPR requirement be fulfilled by an online program?

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