Tuesday Tip: Annual Inservice Training Requirements?

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Tip: Annual Inservice Training Requirements?

The end of the year is approaching, which means it is time to think about your annual staff training requirements.  Have you planned your inservice training for next year?  To be sure you are staying in compliance, just think of the numbers 4-4-8.

All Direct Care Staff – 4 hours:  All RCFE care staff must complete 4 hours of basic inservice training on care related topics, such as the aging process, activities of daily living, psychosocial needs and personal rights. (87411)

Medication Training – 4 hours:  Any RCFE staff members that provide assistance with medications must complete 4 hours of medication specific training in addition to the initial training requirement. (Health and Safety Code 1569.69)

Dementia Care – 8 hours:  If your RCFE advertises or promotes dementia care, your staff must also complete 8 hours of dementia related training. (87707)

ARF staff:  General regulations require training in nutrition, housekeeping, provision of client care, medications and more.  See regulation 80065 for more information.

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9 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Annual Inservice Training Requirements?”

  1. If a ARF company has various facilities, can the same chart be used instead of making a new one for each facility

  2. Hello Joanne. If you are referring to the training records, I would recommend maintaining training records in each individual employee file.

  3. Thank you so much for all your updates, it is so appreiciated, could I ask a question is a thermonator required in your first aid box?

  4. Hello Lisa. Yes, per California RCFE regulation 87465 a thermometer is a required part of a first aid kit.

  5. I’m sorry please disregard my question, I just clicked on the blog you had given me in my previous message, Thank you Josh!

  6. Glad you find what you were looking for, Aidah. Thanks for reading our blog!

  7. All our Lead Caregivers are licensed LVNs and our caregivers are licensed CNAs. Are they required to undergo the same initial training and in-service annual training?

  8. I have the same question as William, we have CNA’s. Do they need the same training hrs?

  9. Hello William. That is a great question. The only exception I am aware of is RN/LVN do not have to take first aid. Otherwise, I believe they would be required to complete the mandatory training. Fortunately the annual training requirements would likely be met by the CEUs they are completing for the license/certification anyways.

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