Before Your Resident Elopes

This week we are sharing another Alzheimer’s caregiver tip from the Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral Center. As a care provider, you take steps to prevent your residents from wandering away from the community. The National Institute on Aging recommends these additional steps to help identify the resident should they wander away:

  • Make sure the person carries some kind of ID or wears a medical bracelet. If the person gets lost and can’t communicate clearly, an ID will let others know about his or her illness. It also shows where the person lives.
  • Consider enrolling the person in the MedicAlert® + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return® Program (see or call 1-888-572-8566 to find the program in your area).
  • Let neighbors and the local police know that the person with Alzheimer’s tends to wander. Ask them to alert you immediately if the person is seen alone and on the move.
  • Place labels in garments to aid in identification.
  • Keep an article of the person’s worn, unwashed clothing in a plastic bag to aid in finding him or her with the use of dogs.
  • Keep a recent photograph or video recording of the person to help police if he or she becomes lost.

2 Responses to “Before Your Resident Elopes”

  1. I have a question but do not know where to post it …I have a resident who has dementia, she is in hospice, I need to do an annual assessment & Reappraisal on her. My question is since she is on hospice can i have the RN fill out the Physicians Report ?

  2. Hello Lucia. The physician’s report must be completed by the MD. However, the reappraisal can be done by your staff.

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