Residents with Dementia and Personal Grooming Items

Residents with dementia or other cognitive impairments may be at risk if they have access to personal hygiene items.  RCFE regulation 87705 addresses how to handle these to ensure safety:

“…residents with dementia shall be allowed to keep personal grooming and hygiene items in their own possession, unless there is evidence to substantiate that the resident cannot safely manage the items…Evidence means documentation from the resident’s physician that the resident is at risk if allowed direct access to personal grooming and hygiene items.”

This information can be found on the CCL Physician Report form (LIC602A) or can be obtained via a separate written clarification from the physician.

2 Responses to “Residents with Dementia and Personal Grooming Items”

  1. I’m looking at the Title 22 manual , 87468 and cannot find this paragraph from above. I also have a subscription to the updates. So I’m wondering if my manual wasn’t complete when purchased or I’m not getting my updates. Can someone confirm that 87468 does allow persons with dementia to keep personal grooming and hygiene items in their own possession? Does this include tooth paste and hand creams? Licensing has been very clear with me regarding these items having to be locked up. Even in a house with one person with dementia, all the other residents personal hygiene items have to be locked.

  2. Ceren… I apologize the 87468 reference was a typo. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. It has been updated to reflect the accurate number, which is 87705.

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