CCG Spotlight – Alan Byron

Alan ByronFor this month’s edition of CCG Spotlight we are getting to know our long time instructor Alan Bryon. Alan is a highly skilled professional who’s served in the US Navy as a Medical Assistant/Orthopedic Technician. With over 30 years in the health care industry and 20 plus years providing care to seniors Alan has been a perfect fit to CCG and the customers we serve. When Alan is not on the road teaching in our certification and continuing education classes you can bet he’s working on a renovation project for his 126 year old home and spending time with his five dogs.

Additionally, Alan’s passion for cooking keeps him quite busy in the kitchen or on his outdoor grill. Whether it is his famous cheesecake we have all grown to love or a pasta dish he’s prepared, he pours his heart into creating meals that everyone can enjoy. Below are a few questions we’ve asked to learn a little more, enjoy.

Question: Where do you like to go to have fun?
Answer: Any place I can enjoy family, friends, good food, and music.

Question: What were you doing the last time you really had a good laugh?
Answer: Being tickled by my two best friends.

Question: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Answer: Europe: Spain, Greece, and Italy

Question: What is your all time favorite comedy movie?
Answer: I don’t know. I usually don’t watch comedies.

Question: What is your happiest childhood memory?
Answer: Spending the summers with my family and dogs on my grandparent’s farm.

Question: What song always makes you happy when you hear it?
Answer: Christmas music, it is the happiest time of the year for me.

Question: What was your favorite sitcom growing up?
Answer: Hawaii 5-0.

Question: What favorite food puts you in a great mood?
Answer: All food that is prepared well.

Question: Who’s the funniest person you know?
Answer: My best friend Chuck, we’ve known each other for 35 years now and we can always rely on each other whenever.

6 Responses to “CCG Spotlight – Alan Byron”

  1. How do I get a hold of Alan Byron

  2. Alan… we are fortunate to have you on our team! Plus… you make a killer cheesecake!

  3. Alan,

    Yes, Yes, and Yes. AND….when can we share stories over a piece of cheesecake?

  4. Hi Alan, I have enjoyed your classes in the RCFE administration certification with you. I valued your input and advise.
    I am currently developing a 200 bed RCFE and future looking at a small senior living community. I like to have a consultant and oversight compliance during the development and operation. Do you or the Care and Compliance Group take on this services? Please advise and if you can direct me to a group that can efiiciently provide this service.

    Long Ha

  5. I was lucky enough to have Alan as one of my instructors during my 40 hour RCFE Administrator course (along with Anne Zimmerman, RN) offered by Care and Compliance. Alan was an amazing instructor and the fact he actually has decades of experience in the field made my time with him even more valuable.

    Alan and Anne were great!

  6. alan , I took the class yesterday in el Segundo ca Saturday and sunday
    feb 15 and 16. yesterday I lost my certificate -compliance in assisted living
    and hiv/aids tb. and I am very sorry to bother you but how could I get
    another certificate, I pay for it because I am already late. thanks for
    getting back on me.

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