CCG Spotlight – Glenn Berry

For this month’s edition of CCG Spotlight we are getting to know our long time instructor Glenn Berry. Glenn has been employed with CCG since 2001 and is involved in many of our certification, continuing education and webinar programs. His dedication, commitment and loyalty spans to over 35 years in the residential care industry and is a great asset to Care and Compliance Group and the customers we serve.

Glenn has been married to his lovely wife Judy Berry for over 20 years. In his free time Glenn enjoy swing and disco dancing.


  • Who is your favorite musician or band? ABBA, Blues Traveler, Enya, Beatles.
  • Do you dance crazy when no one is looking? Yes
  • What was your favorite toy as a kid? Lionel Train Set
  • What’s your favorite kind of drink? Starbuck’s blended mocha
    Alcohol: Strawberry Daiquiri
  • What’s your favorite midnight snack? Grill Cheese Sandwich
  • What is the one, single food that you would never give up? Frozen Yogurt
  • What’s your favorite day of the year? Christmas
  • Do you scream on roller coasters? Yes. First roller coast was at Pacific Ocean Park in Santa Monica. I was 9 years old and the Coaster was big and loud.
  • Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day? Person: Wife Judy, Non-person: dog lucky (15 pound black 8 months old puppy)
  • What’s your favorite season? Summer. I love the sun and warmth and swimming pools.
  • What is your favorite time of day? Twilight
  • What’s your favorite Movie? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Its a Wonderful Life

5 Responses to “CCG Spotlight – Glenn Berry”

  1. glenn berry and his wife Judy was a good instructor I was their student when I take my RCFE Administrator in holiday inn in Hollywood CA year 2010, and I also take a DSP2 year 2011 in tri county in Oxnard CA. There are both nice, kind, professional and not boring while teaching. I hope I can attend to their class again someday and I want both of them are my instructor. And also I love the way they speak in the class they both explain everything and you will understand every words they say very clear… Thnak you Glenn and Judy good luck and more power… Hope to see you again…

  2. Hello, my name is Beth I was in your class May 14-18 and had shared the video of the teenage girl with autism, I found another video I feel you may be interested in as well, very inspirational. Also thank you for being a wonderful teacher at the class, it sure helped make it easier to take.

  3. Glenn took your class today in Fresno…. Thought you did great. Been in the biz for 25 years and walked away with 7 pages of notes… Love when I have teachers that keep me on my toes… Nice work….

  4. My name is Nancy McCune, I am Program Director of A Step Up in Cotati, Calif.
    I had the pleassure of having Glenn as one of my teacher from Oct 15, 2012 to Oct 19, 2012. He is an awesome teacher you gives his all in teaching a person what they need to know. Again thanks for all you do.

  5. I took a five day class in Santa Rosa, in October 2012 with Glenn and John, but due to a death in the family, I missed the third day with Glenn. I went to Hayward on a Sunday in November to go finish up the class with Glenn… I really appreciate Glenn’s teaching style, his passion for the business and the people we serve, and the caring and respect that shows to us as we become the learners. I love that he doesn’t just read from the regulations (any literate person could do that alone ) but refers back to them, as he recounts real life care facilities most common practices vs. best practices, or most shameful practices vs. most admirable practices. Glenn has knowledge to impart and makes the time spent u der his I struction enjoyable and well worth it.

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