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Maria CiscoeFor this month’s edition of CCG spotlight we are getting to know Maria Ciscoe. Maria Ciscoe has worked for CCG since 2001.You can find Maria teaching in our continuing education courses, RCFE initial certification program, and Activity leader certification. With eleven years as a regional instructor for Care and Compliance Group, Maria is known across the state for her fun, interactive, and memorable teaching style. Here is a little more about Maria…

  1. Who is your favorite musician or band? The Eagles
  2. Do you dance crazy when no one is looking? I am always dancing
  3. What was your favorite toy as a kid? Barbie and out rickshaw
  4. What’s your favorite kind of drink? H2O and unsweetened Ice Tea
  5. What’s your favorite midnight snack? Cherry pie and Ice Cream
  6. What is the one, single food that you would never give up? Squash
  7. What’s your favorite day of the year? New years day
  8. Do you scream on roller coasters? Too busy being sick and so scared
  9. Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day? Either one of my two sisters, one of them are always available
  10. What’s your favorite season? Winter
  11. What is your favorite time of day? Dark thirty (the wee hours before the sun comes up)
  12. What’s your favorite Movie? Out of Africa

14 Responses to “CCG Spotlight – Maria Ciscoe”

  1. Great Picture and great responses.

    In Samoa, the hour before the sun comes blasting over the horizon, everything is deep purple. What a time to enjoy the beauty of our little planet. I agree Maria, these 30 to 60 minutes are the greatest.

    You are always Great Fun!


  2. Maria, the WestHaven Activities Team will all be gathered around the big screen on Friday to view the Webinar! Also, working to get you in Orland in 2013 for a live Activities Leader Certificaiton Course. Keep your fingers crossed as I discuss with Josh the needs in the Northern California area.

  3. My first two friends to reply! How wonderful to hear from you both. I like the ideas the both of you share and will meditate on our meeting soon.
    Peace be to all as this season of gratitude approaches.

  4. I have taken a number of courses from Maria and she is one of the best presenters I have had. She makes the material come alive by not only knowing it well and having a lot of experience but also by challenging everyone in the roo m to participate at some level.

    You want to be there and take part because she finds value in each person and what they have to offer in their participation. There is no excuse for leaving any of her classes without having met and really connected with at least one other person in the room so you grow not only in your knowledge of whatever the topic is but also you grow your circle of support for after the class. THe circle of support is vital as we need that both for our own growth and development but also to enable us to provide more opportunities for the growth and development of those that we serve.

    Maria is a gifted presenter who is a blessing to those lucky enough to take a class from her.

    Chris Leahy
    Program Manager

  5. The feedback warms the heart and is a reminder to all that when a person reads the sign posts in life it is impossible to miss your purpose. One thing I know for sure is my purpose is to give. I am fortunate it is through CCG!


  6. I absolutely love Maria. She has a genuine heart for residents, especially for those living with dementia. Maria is a role model to me…

  7. I miss seeing you Cheryl. I hope you can make it to the modesto This week for recert. I would love to catch up with you.

  8. My fellow Galtonian! I will always remember your laughing exercise lol it helps me through the day. You are a great person and teacher.

  9. Ha Ha HA!

  10. Hi Maria, I went to your training last year and you did this balloon inservice for the staff, I was wondering if there was any way that you could contact me, I would like to do it for the staff where I am working in.

    Thank you!


  11. Your training on Activity Leaders I just attended in Hayward was absolutely wonderful, very informative, and fun. Your cheerful mood is really contagious.
    Thank a lot
    Alla Surkis

  12. Hi Maria,
    I really enjoyed taking your course on Activity Leader in Assisted Living can you please email me regarding the class the contact I have on file for you doesn’t work.
    Thank you,
    Victoria Martinez

  13. Hi Maria I’m interested in taking activities leader class and wanted to know when and how I could sing up for one of your classes. Can you please send me information regarding your classes

    Thank you

  14. Hello Guadalupe, we’ll be offering our 3 day (24 CEU) Activity Leader Certification class at a variety of locations throughout California starting in July. The schedule for this live training class is still in the process of being finalized. Once we have all the dates squared away, you will be able to find information and registration details online, via email or in our class newsletter that will be mailed out in the near future.

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