California: Who Can Administer Medications to a Resident on Hospice?

On Monday we held our our 2010 Assisted Living Medication Summit, and one of the most common questions from California-based attendees was regarding hospice medications. More specifically, who may administer medications to a resident on hospice. Here is an answer to this from a recent CCL clarification:

QUESTION: “What is the update on administration of medications for hospice care residents?”

ANSWER: “…A relative or friend NOT receiving monetary or any other form of compensation for their services, and who is trained by the hospice agency may administer medications through a route, (e.g. oral, sublingual, subcutaneous, etc.) to his/her relative or friend in a residential care facility for the elderly provided it is specified in the hospice care plan; the hospice agency provides a statement for the licensee’s records that the relative or friend has been trained; and there is a plan in place to ensure that the resident can receive the needed medication by a licensed health professional if the relative or friend fails to arrive at the appointed time. Licensees must maintain documentation on procedures and on the training activities.”

QUESTION: “Can a medical technician administer medications to a hospice care resident?”


Your trained direct care staff may assist a resident with self-administration, and CCL has clarified in the past that assisting with self-administration may include the use of hand-on-hand assistance.

4 Responses to “California: Who Can Administer Medications to a Resident on Hospice?”

  1. -please clarify..specifically regarding hospice patients- can the RCFE medical technician administer meds to the self-administering hospice patient?
    Is there a difference in any of the rules/regs for a hospice patient at RCFE?

  2. is contacting or notifying the physician needed everytime to dispense prn morphine under the tongue even though there is a discharge order from the doctor?

  3. Jessie… here is a more thorough response to your question:

  4. Does this mean that in our dementia care unit we are allowed to have prn orders and as a LVN I can determine when it is appropriate to administer a prn medication? or does a doctor have to be consulted first?
    If prn’s are allowed in dementia care, can med-techs call the doctor and get the ok to administer a prn meds?

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