Full Bed Rails for Hospice Residents in an RCFE

A regular Tuesday Tip reader recently asked, “Can a resident in an RCFE have full bed rails if he/she is receiving hospice services?”

The short answer is yes. The use of bed rails is addressed in RCFE regulation 87608 which states:

“Bed rails that extend the entire length of the bed are prohibited except for residents who are currently receiving hospice care and have a hospice care plan that specifies the need for full bed rails.”

You and your staff should be aware of some important safety precautions to consider when a resident has full bed rails. Click here to learn more.

2 Responses to “Full Bed Rails for Hospice Residents in an RCFE”

  1. How about residents who are not on hospice care but are fall risks – can they have full bed rails?

  2. Edith… You can find that answer to that question in the article above.

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