Notifying CCL When a Resident Initiates Hospice Services

Did you know that you must notify CCL each time a resident initiates hospice services, even though you have already obtained a hospice waiver? That’s right, this requirement in regulation 87632 is easily overlooked, but clearly states:

”The licensee shall notify the Department in writing within five working days of the initiation of hospice care services in the facility for any terminally ill resident. The notice shall include the resident’s name and date of admission to the facility and the name and address of the hospice.”

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  1. I have a resident who was hospitalized for diverticulitis & pneumonia, discharged from the hospital to a SNF for Rehab, and the family requested for a hospice care due to her chronic pain. She still ambulates w/ assist or a walker.Her vision is poor & she is only taking liquid diet/ high protein supplemental drinks due to bone loss in her gums.I had mailed application for hospice care several times already for the past 2 years & have not received any response.How do I go about it? She’s still in Rehab @ SNF, but will be discharged in a few days.I read the title 22 about hospice, but not quite sure about all the rules.I’m debating whether I should take her back or not. The family really wants her back to our home.I have a total of 4 caregivers( 2 caregivers for 5 residents). Thank you for your help.

  2. Hi Josie,

    Just thought I would comment on the importance of providing your resident with the best quality care there is and wouldn’t that be provided if returning to her home setting? If you do not have a Hospice wavier at your facility then apply for one. I didn’t understand when you mention you have mailed application for hospice several times in past two years. Maybe your just letting CCL know you have a hospice case and not actually applying for a hospice waiver? Which ever the case may be, your resident deserves the right to return to her prior home setting and not stripped from that right just because she’s on hospice. Good luck with your case.

  3. Thanks for your response. Our new LPA came today on a random inspection & he told me what to do. Thanks again.

  4. Wow… it is great to see folks collaborating on here. Josie, I am glad to hear you were able to connect with your LPA to work this out. Best of luck!

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