Reporting Discharge from Hospice

A recently received question from one a California Tuesday Tip subscriber about reporting discharge from hospice:

“Is a facility required to notify Community Care Licensing when a resident is discharged from hospice?”

The short answer is yes. Regulation 87633(g) states:

“In addition to the reporting requirements specified in Section 87211, Reporting Requirements, the licensee shall submit a report to the Department when a terminally ill resident’s hospice services are interrupted or discontinued for any reason other than the death of the resident, including refusal of hospice care or discharge from hospice.”

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2 Responses to “Reporting Discharge from Hospice”

  1. To notify community care licensing, what is the form I need to fill out? cannot find it in the CCLD.CA.GOV website . Thank you for your response

  2. Hello Emma. No, there is not a specific CCL form for this. You can simply send a memo.

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