Tuesday Tip: Crushing Medications for Hospice Residents

This week’s Tip is from a California Community Care Licensing (CCLD) policy response to the California Assisted Living Association (CALA) and California Hospice and Palliative Care Association (CHAPCA):

Is an exception required for hospice resident medications to be crushed?

Per CCLD: “No exception is necessary in order to crush a resident’s medication to enhance swallowing or taste.  There are certain conditions under which medications may   be crushed, and specific documentation must be placed in the resident’s file. [Refer to Regulation and Regulation Interpretation Section 87465(a)(6)(D)].”

4 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Crushing Medications for Hospice Residents”

  1. Thank you for this information. I was wondering about crushing medicines for my mom who is 85 and has Alzheimer’s.

  2. I am hoping that patients in Assisted Living facilities and are on crisis care at the end stages of life are allowed sublingual medications and morphine drops prescribed by the Physicians and RN’s. Please advise if it is permitted. Thanks!

  3. Too bad the link to 87465(a)(6)(d) doesn’t address the crushing question.

  4. Hi Alex,

    In fact it does. If you scroll down to that regulation/section you will see it states:

    “Assistance with self-administration does not include forcing a resident to take medication, hiding or camouflaging medications in other substances without the resident’s knowledge and consent, or otherwise infringing upon a resident’s right to refuse to take a medication.”

    The point being that crushing should never be done to disguise a medication or force a resident to take it without his/her knowledge.

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