Advertisements and Facility License Numbers

This week’s Tuesday Tip comes from the recently released Adult and Senior Care Spring 2012 Update from CCL:

Licensees are reminded that regulations require that the facility license number be disclosed in all public advertisements or correspondence. Public advertisements include but are not limited to the internet, newspaper or magazine, consumer report, announcement of intent to commence business, yellow pages, professional or service directory, and radio and television. For more information, see in General Licensing Requirements for Adult Residential Facilities under section 80011 and in RCFE under section 87206.

4 Responses to “Advertisements and Facility License Numbers”

  1. Is it a good idea to also show an Administrators Certificate number on all advertising?

  2. Hello Chris. That is not required, so I do not see a reason to include it. If there was a change in Administrator that would mean reprinting materials, etc.

  3. Does this mean no advertising for an upcoming RCFE by stating license is pending?

  4. Hello Karen. Yes, you can advertise prior to opening by stating “license pending” as you indicated.

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